Tomasz Brejdak Design Studio was founded in 1993. It is a team of professionals- architects, construction designers and other specialists who are able to support the whole investment process.

Design process

We provide design of public buildings, apartments, houses, residences, and other. Among our services you can find: urban development, land development projects and other conceptual studies. We can also provide high class interior design.

Support of whole construction process

We can assist you during the whole investment process. .
On the initial stage we provide economic studies and other usefull documents. For our clients we prepare technical blueprints and organise all necessary arrangements including construction permit. We run supervision of investment process too.

We run construction of facilities and organise for our clients all necessary permits to use them. In our portfolio you can find flats, houses, and industrial facilities.
Providing comprehensive customer service of the highest quality is our biggest ambition.



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